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NFTs are capturing mainstream imagination but launching a collection is a complex endeavor.

Work with TENK to avoid pitfalls and fast track your project to success.

Launch your NFT project on NEAR

NFT Incubator & Promotor.

The best help you can get to launch a generative art project on @NEARProtocol

  • Onboarding: Welcoming artists, devs, marketers, and more.
  • Project developmentFacilitation of tools and professionals.
  • Promotion:Using several successful strategies as Influencer Marketing.
  • Education:NFT Academy for NEARcomers.

The TENK team has over 20 years of experience in digital art curation, marketing, and web development. Core team members contributed to the NEP171 NFT standard on NEAR and have partnered with NEAR NFT platforms like Paras and Mintbase since their inception.


NFT Projects

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Zodiac Club

Tiger Academy

High-class collection of 2,000 algorithmically generated NFT


The First Fleet of the Metaverse

Meerkat Kingdom

NEAR Meerkat Kingdom

Panda Street

Multi-chained Pandas

Kokumo Kongz

Intergalactic species of apes


At the heart of the Mountain&Sea


Thousands of Mr. Brown's identities

Cute Penguin Club

Building the biggest social hub!

Bullish Bulls

Track NEAR NFT Market

Kaizo Fighters

Zaizo Fight Club


To dominate the crypto-world

Gorilla Squad

To Rule The Jungle - Join The Squad

Extinct Heroes

The latest beings from their historical timeline

Near Future

Take Part in the Birth of a New Civilization

Beer Punks

BeerVerse DAO

Near Yeti

Building on NEAR!

Shinto Society

Anime & Crypto Culture


Dumples have arrived

Near Nymphs



DeityDAO paves the way for expansion

World of the Abyss

Oldskool Hardcore MMORPG

Im Question

1/1 hand drawn NFT project


Jordan Gray

CEO & Co-Founder


Willem Wyndham

CTO & Co-Founder


Yiyue Chen

Product Growth


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